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A key importance conduct during very early stages of projects. Once properly undertaken, will ensure a smooth project implementation. Any error in the below, however can have major impact on the whole project later on.

ASTRA will support and work together with Investor, provide technical assessment for successful and accurate setting up of:

- Outline budget

- Outline timeline

- Packaging strategy

- Design strategy



ASTRA will undertake the full Project management role on Investors project. Consists of:

- Project protocol, organization and administration

- Budget, procurement, tender, contract, financial management and administration

- Design management

- Construction management

- Programme management that all above components are done in timely manner follow project programme and schedule required by Investor. 



ASTRA will undertake Construction management so that all below fields are conducted in organized and effective manner during the construction period:

- Construction administration, organization and protocol,

- Site arrangement, security, access and HSE

- Coordination amongst various contractors

- Design issuance and interpretation

- Change management

- Schedule / progress management

- Manage the handover to Investor / final user of premises



ASTRA will carry out the construction supervision of the construction works as regulated in various legislative requirements of Vietnam.

- Preparation works including working drawings, material approvals, detailed working methods

- Verification of eligibility to commence works on site

- Consistent supervision of the ongoing works, monitor quality and intervention whereas necessary

- Undertake official inspections (quality check hold-points of works)

- Undertake the handover of works


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